Drupal customization, Drupal application development, Drupal development and Drupal integration are a very similar to cooking. Mostly, it all starts with the basic same ingredients and usually follows common recipes. Drupal development being an open sourced platform which means that the code utilized to run the platform could be modified, copied and shared with easily with others. Anyone who has the skill could download and use the code and do whatever changes the developer want and sends these changes to others or could even contribute the changes back to the platform for other people to share and use. There are several advantages to the open source model of the software development are as follows:  It is free to use and download; no licensing fees required and have no proprietary ‘black box’. Besides, it also has a community of developers who can help. Thus this open source of Drupal gives users a great degree of flexibility for sharing, modifying and distributing content.

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Do you know anything about Drupal development? If not, then this article could help you understand the platform better. Drupal is actually a free CMS system in PHP. It is used as a back-end system for 2.1 percent of all the sites in the whole world. The uses of Drupal could vary from personal, corporate, political and government sites. Customization and application of Drupal runs on any computing framework as long as it supports a web server that runs on PHP. Nowadays, the platform is one of the most rapidly growing platforms worldwide. Additionally, more and more people are looking for Drupal customization for more effective processes. With Drupal, users could create sites that span the spectrum of anyone’s imagination.

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    As a software developer, I am well aware of the popularity of Drupal development nowadays. The platform is easy to use even for those who are non-programmers.


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